About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with the best quality product and a smooth and satisfying experience.

To continuously improve and develop our manufacturing process and quality control mechanisms for a better, smoother and more refined experience.

To expand and grow our reach across the world.

About Our Company

ATC can trace its origin to the late 70s in Oman, a beautiful, scenic country of hospitable people at the entrance of the Persian Gulf.

Over the last 35 years we have matured into a large dynamic organization operating across the region with a portfolio of world-class cigarette brands

We are a company fuelled by quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our work culture strives to attain excellence balanced with social responsibility at every stage of procurement, production, distribution, marketing and sales. We aim to continue serving our customers across the region by offering rich, satisfying and quality assured smoking products that include loose tobacco, hand rolled cigarettes and packed cigarettes.

ATC plans to rapidly expand its operations and product distribution to more countries in the Middle East in the months to come and continue to focus its resources in developing new and innovative products for its quality conscious customers.